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I had a fear of flying for the last 16 years of my life. A BAD fear. There was a point where I couldn’t even think about going on a plane with out experiencing an anxiety attack. It was horrible and I missed out on so much. Over the years I tried different things, online classes, therapy, prayer and more. My fear got less but I still was not able to actually get on a plane. I figured I’d try Don, what did I have to lose right? Well after 2 sessions with Don it was just what I needed to get past the fear and actually GET ON A PLANE!!! I am writing this as I sit on a plane my 6th plane ride since meeting with Don! I’d recommend him and go to him again!






Don knows what he’s doing simply put. Alot of people are skeptical when it comes to hypnotherapy and you don’t have to be skeptical if you go to the right person. I myself read reviews before receiving an important service and I really hope mine is helpful. He makes you feel comfortable to be honest with him and he is spot on and good at reading people. Thank you Don! You will be seeing me again!


-Jonna W.




Don has had a profound impact in my life, he has undone years of negative thoughts and habits. Since our first session I can’t even describe the difference in the way I feel. For the first time in years I believe in myself and feel confident in my worth. He has helped me find the me that I have wanted to be but had no clue how to become. He taught me how to do the work.


-Wendy M.




I started doing hypnotherapy with Don a couple of years ago to get help for a specific issue I was having. I have had tremendous success with the approach. Don has now taken on more of a life coach role and I continue to see him on a monthly basis. We use both hypnosis and psycho-cybernetics techniques to help me imagine and achieve my life goals. I actually drive 2.5 hours to come work with him. Plus, he is a genuinely nice, caring and understanding person.


-Jennifer R.


Written notes, cards, Emails and Phone Messages from Clients:


I’m contacting you to see about scheduling my third session.  I’ve dropped 50 pounds since I saw you last, and I want to see you for the third session before I start slipping into some old thinking patterns.   This has been a really awesome experience!


Elaine W.


Hello Don,

Things are still going well here.

Enthused, and extra energy and accomplishments are making me happy too.


This is LIFE changing Don. I would suggest people really consider doing this as soon as possible rather than waiting so long like I did.  (My shoulders are much broader now! .. Any little comments that are questionable that used to affect me, run off like water off a ducks back. I'm also much better tuned in to people and when I am with them. I focus on them so much better.

Thanks Don,

Make it a great weekend

(PS: Need to get hands on the book that you mentioned. .and I will do that.




Hey Don, just wanted to let you know I'm down about 20 lbs. Probably be back to see you next month or two.




Hi Don,


I wanted to let you know that my daughter has had a couple of great practices since she met with you last week. Moving in the right direction. She is working hard on the mental exercises you taught her.  She likes them a lot!



Hi Don,  I just wanted you to know that I stepped on the scale today and it read exactly 132 [her goal weight].  I really appreciate what you’ve done to help me get there.


Denise T.


I told my mom this a.m. that

I was smoking and wanted to tell her after I quit.

I'd not mentioned when I was smoking because I was so


I am so grateful Don. I am so grateful.

I will be doing some more with you to accomplish more good things.




Hey Don – The weight loss sessions have really been doing great.  I wanted to talk to you about another issue I hope you can help with, and hoped you could call me …….




Hi Don,


I hope all is well! Just wanted to fill you in that I passed my Medical Boards!! Thank you for your help!! Much appreciated!





Just wanted to say thank you.

I am still smoke free. It's been 2 or 3 years now. I started sky diving and bought a motorcycle since I quit.

I have given several people your number, don't know how many have called.

Thanks again.




Hi Don,


You told me to keep you posted and I want you to know I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time meeting my Weight Watcher’s goals.  Instead of three Pepsi’s a day, I only had one all last week.  I didn’t even finish that one.  And all the other foods I used to eat that were bad I don’t really even think about anymore.  I appreciate your help and I’ll be in touch again soon.




I’m feeling really grateful and appreciative right now for so many things, I just feel happy Don.

Thank you so much for reminding me that I really am a truly nice person.


I will reach out next week to schedule another appointment


Thank you Don,

Sincerely, S.


Hi Don,


 I saw you a couple years ago and you helped me get past my difficulty in having to sell my family home.  I’ve since sold it and bought a place in Des Moines and it was a painless process thanks to you.



R. D.



This is excellent, Don. Thank you. I’m making the time to meditate more. Trying to understand quantum energy. Just finished reading the book you recommended.  Excellent!



I wanted to give you an update and let you know tomorrow will make 3 years smoke free!!! Thank you very much!



Don, I received your newsletter and I wanted to take this time to thank you for your help in quitting smoking. It’s been around two months now since our session and I have not had nor do I want a cigarette!! Thank you!!! I would like to get signed up for a weight loss session soon. I’m moving in three weeks, so the sooner the better! Thank you! L. V.


Hi Don,


So I'm about 3.5 weeks post hypnotherapy session on my fingernail chewing and it has been 100% successful.  I haven't chewed a fingernail since that Thursday and I'm much more conscious about the habit.


I'm interested in learning more about the alcohol program you have…




I've been doing great this last week. I rode two out of three bulls to make it back to the semi finals in Houston. I rode my bull in the semi finals for 91 points (it was the highest marked ride throughout the whole rodeo)

 I have been keeping up on breathing techniques and visualization and getting into the zone and never felt better!

Thanks again for everything!



Hi Don! I just wanted to touch base! We haven't chatted since my session. I'm doing absolutely wonderful! Since our session I have been 100% alcohol, smoke and Monster Energy drink free! I am so excited and wanted to just thank you a million!




It has been a while. 3 years ago October to be exact. I can't thank you enough for helping me stop smoking. It was my best investment ever.


I enjoy your emails and I will probably be making a big life change in 2018 so I will come see you to help me with that.


Happy Thanksgiving



Hi Don. :)

  So.. I've given it a few days to sink in.  From what I remember from the other time I did hypnosis, I couldn't really feel a difference until about a week later.  What I really like about it is that I still know what I felt like before... and now I can tell a difference.  I tried to explain it to a friend like this:  imagine your problems are needles.  Big, sharp, pointy needles... that are jabbing you in the side pretty regularly.  Because they're sharp, it hurts and you don't know how to deal with it because of the persistent pain.  What hypnosis did was grind off the pointy tip... the needles/problems are still there, but they hurt less and it's more manageable to deal with.    An added bonus.. I'm doing better at dealing with some relationships and now I'm somewhat able to let go of a situation and focus on other things.

Thanks so much!     R.


Hi Don, just to let you know it's been almost 2 yrs now and still not smoking.



Ok.... So I came home about 9:30 pm and decided to try looking [for my wedding ring]. I started in my closet and remembered the words about looking close to where I thought it would be. I was so calm and decided to look through the drawers on my jewelry box even though I have so many times. I found it intertwined with a loopy necklace! I am jumping for joy and will never forget this! Thank you SO MUCH! When I am on my computer, I will send you the picture of where it was. Thanks again!

K. S.

Hi, Don, I’m still doing my meditation.  It really helps me relax and at night sleep well.  I continue to use it.  Thank you for helping me.

Also after our session, I noticed how I walked into work.  I held myself with confidence and counseled my clients with confidences and this was exactly how I was in the 80s and 90s.  I guess dealing with the mean people at [my last job] somehow took a toll on me and I lost my confidence.   So I will continue on the right course.  I agree, Success is an attitude.   Thank you again.




Thank you for all your stories and messages in your newsletter emails! I highly appreciate all of them!!

Thank you,



Hi Don,

I resigned that job I hated and fond a new one that I really love.  Thank you for helping me build my confidence.  I like reading your emails with suggestions.  Thanks.



You did a wonderful job, Sir.  I haven’t had a cigarette since our session.  So I’m going to recommend you to other people I know – I’m really satisfied.  I’m really happy.  Thank you very much.



Hello Don,


I was in a couple weeks ago and you asked me to update you.  I just want to let you know I’m tobacco-free, I’m not struggling with it, and I thank you so much for helping me out!



Hey Don,

I was just calling you to know I passed my test today [Nursing Boards].  So whatever you did, it worked.  So thank you very much.



Hi Don,

I’d like to get an appointment with you to quit chewing. Both of my boys have been in to see you, and they haven’t had a dip since they came in to see you so I thought I’d give it a shot.



Hi Don,

We did a stop smoking thing about 7 or 8 months ago, and I just wanted to say thank you -  I still have not smoked a cigarette, and I’m very grateful to you for that.  Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.      ST


Hi Don, this is JM – I came to you to get hypnotized to quit smoking – I am feeling awesome – I have not had a cigarette since that day and I could just hug you a thousand times for that!




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