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Don Heese, Certified Hypnotherapist


When I was in eighth grade and at the tender young age of 14, I saw a stage hypnotist who performed in the Kuemper High school gym in Carroll, Iowa.  Right after the show and just for fun, a friend and I decided to try it on each other.  When my friend tried it on me, it didn’t work.  When I tried, my friend went into a trance and I - even if just a little freaked out – had some fun with him – just like the guy on stage.


Enough people saw this little incident to start them pulling me off to the side and asking me if I could hypnotize them.  And thus I did enter into a new world – and became very familiar with the fascinating power of the mind.


Over the years, people approached me to be hypnotized for all kinds of things.  The results were incredible.


After high school I spent seven years earning a Master's Degree in Piano Performance.  In my mid-20's I moved to Des Moines and successfully began and directed a music school for four years.  In my thirties I began teaching social studies for Des Moines Public Schools - where I spent the majority of those 25 years at East High.


Well, the scene in education had changed many times and ways over the years, and one day I awakened to the reality that this was no longer the same job I had accepted years ago.  These major changes had created a lot of unhappiness and anxiety in my life and it became necessary to figure out how I could teach AND be happy.


I learned to breathe.  I learned some improved self-hypnosis techniques.  I learned how to use imagery to improve my emotions.


But the real change came when I learned and applied concepts related to improving the self-image.


It turns out we are constructed in such a way that:


How you see yourself in your mind determines what you do or do not accomplish in life.


When you improve that so-called self-image, positive results can occur in a very natural flow.  And when I combined hypnosis with this self-image science the results were off the charts positive!


With the results I was experiencing for myself and others, going public with Hypnosis was an easy decision.  And it required a lot of investment in money, time, and commitment.  I have since left teaching in the public schools and have built a successful and productive Hypnosis practice from my home-based office - with many, many positive results and success stories.


This, more than anything I have ever done, has been the most life-affirming profession I have ever experienced.


And so I now practice Hypnosis and Life Coaching as my only profession.  I am still a “teacher”.  But what I teach people now is how to get more living out of life.


I guess you could say I am living proof that whatever you feel is holding you back in life, it is never too late to make major positive changes.


Hypnosis combined with Self-image science can move you beyond your self-imposed limitations.   By learning to tap into and communicate with the sub-conscious, your life script can be re-written to go the direction your conscious mind has always wanted.


In addition to Hypnosis, I will teach you some simple but powerful mental techniques that will help maintain and grow the work we do in Hypnosis.


My goal is to help you reach your goal.


If you contact me today, you just might find out how happy, healthy, and successful your life can be.

I am honored you are here today reading this.  When you contact me personally, we can figure out together a sustainable path forward for you.


 My decades on this earth have taught me some things:


• That there is a God from whom we all have been gifted creative powers we should tap into.

• That we are all 7-9 times stronger than we realize:  physically, mentally, and spiritually.

• That life often programs us to accept less than we should.  Greater things await anyone who is willing to create and receive.

•     That the key to living up to our full potential - the path to physical success, mental confidence, and inner peace - begins with learning to relax and visualize a positive self-image.




•  That Hypnosis is a fast and efficient and effective way to experience those positive changes.


So whether you are in a real funk or just need a little direction, motivation, or creativity, I am confident I can help you



You can contact me directly via e-mail or phone 515-897-1619


All the best to you,


Don Heese




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** Results can vary from person to person.  I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist.  As a Hypnotherapist, I offer solid and compassionate vocational and avocational self-improvement and life coaching.